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Nick Lock, Graphic Designer

Nick Lock, Graphic Designer

This AI Tool That Knows Design Will Critique Your Logo

We love this AI tool that uses a catalogue of over a million logos to critique your brand – how does yours stack up?

We’re always on the lookout for the coolest new apps and tools online, and we’ve discovered a great one this week. Our new favourite tool at the moment is Logo Rank, which uses the power of over a million logos to critique your logo and give you some ideas for improvement.

As with any website of this nature, it’s important to take the results with a pinch of salt, but Logo Rank offers a truly neutral appraisal of your logo – always handy in a world where it’s easy to get swept up by the ‘X Factor syndrome’, which can make it difficult for some to stomach genuine critique.

We loaded in a few of the logos we’ve recently designed for clients, as well as their old logos, and were pleased to see a big improvement in the score for our newly designed marques. Our biggest shift came in the Randall & Payne logo – the old Randall & Payne logo only scored an 8 on the uniqueness of its shape and design, whereas our new design scored an impressive 95.

More than anything, this tool reinforces the importance of a unique logo so that your brand stands out from the crowd. With easy access to stock images, and cheap online logo design sites, it may be tempting to click the button and get something quick and dirty, but your brand will suffer in the long run.

Why not check it out for yourself and see how your logo ranks?

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