• Robyn with Hursty and Helen at Chateau Impney Hotel
  • Chateau Impney Hotel & Exhibition Centre
  • Robyn with Nina from BBC Hereford & Worcester


Robyn Hardman, Digital Consultant

Robyn Hardman, Digital Consultant

Pokémon Hunting on the Radio at Chateau Impney

This week, Robyn from our marketing team has been able to live the dream. For at least a couple of hours, she’s been working as a real Pokémon trainer at Chateau Impney!

We’ve been hooked on Pokémon Go here at Mighty HQ, and for good reason – thousands of people across the country are trying to catch the fictional critters, and as a result, it’s been a fantastic way of raising brand awareness for numerous clients.

In particular, we were thrilled to find that Chateau Impney was a Pokéstop within the game, so we invited both BBC Hereford & Worcester and Free Radio Worcestershire down to the Chateau to have a go at the game and see what they could catch in the grounds of the hotel.

Nina from BBC Hereford & Worcester was interested in finding out how the game worked but also how the Chateau was using it to drive business. First of all, she chatted to the general manager about how the hotel became a Pokéstop, and then Robyn took her around the grounds for a Pokémon hunt.

BBC Hereford and Worcester at Chateau Impney

While they traipsed through the grass in search of an elusive Butterfree, Robyn spoke to Nina about how the app worked and explained a few of the benefits of the game. For example, it’s a great way of getting out and exploring the local area, as well as hitting those exercise goals – Robyn can’t remember the last time she took 10,000 steps in a day before downloading the game!

BBC Hereford and Worcester at Chateau Impney

Hursty and Helen from Free Radio wanted to play it a little differently – they’re newbies to the game and had just booted up the app for the first time, so they wanted Robyn to be their Pokémon sensei and used the Chateau as the perfect backdrop for a morning of Pokémon hunting. Robyn was more than happy to oblige.

We had a quick chat about how Robyn’s been playing Pokémon since forever, then headed out to see what we could find. As it turned out, Helen became quite the expert Pokémon hunter! Robyn found it interesting to be put in the spotlight for this session, as she got to see the situation as a client would and had to think on her feet to ensure she gave Hursty and Helen exactly what they needed for the show.

Not only was it great fun to show off our love of Pokémon, but it was a brilliant way of demonstrating how taking advantage of trends like Pokémon Go can provide a short-term boost to sales for businesses like Chateau Impney, while increasing brand awareness and loyalty over a much longer period. Now, when can we go Pokémon hunting again?

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