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Robyn Hardman, Digital Consultant

Robyn Hardman, Digital Consultant

Setting the Purple Standard for Randall & Payne’s Collateral

Following their recent rebrand, Randall & Payne needed to freshen up key pieces of their marketing collateral, so we created a suite of leaflets that really packed a punch.

Randall & Payne’s previous literature was highly inconsistent – the size of each leaflet was completely different, and they were often printed on low-cost paper. We wanted to create unity across the board, giving each leaflet a recognisable style, greater staying power, and a standard size that would work for different departments across the business.

IIGE leaflet for Randall & Payne by Mighty, design agency Cheltenham


In each leaflet, we took inspiration from the no-nonsense style we developed for In Focus, making sure that key points were placed up front and centre. We also used the icons that we developed for the website to give each leaflet some personality and to help align the message across this new format, while adding a handy ‘How can we help’ section that contains vital contact information and a helpful photo reference for each key member of staff.

R&D tax credits leaflet for Randall & Payne by Mighty, design agency Cheltenham

Finally, we banished all aspects of cheap takeaway menu-style paper and gave each leaflet a premium matt laminate finish that increased its durability and that made a real impact.

Academies leaflet for Randall & Payne by Mighty, design agency Cheltenham

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