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James Ashe, Managing Partner

James Ashe, Managing Partner

It’s Not for Me: The Realistic Approach to Marketing

Here at Mighty, we are big footie fans, and we play most Friday evenings. (If you’re ever passing and fancy a game, then let us know – you will be most welcome.) Every week, we send out a text to our pool of players to see who wants to step onto the hallowed turf of Bourton-on-the-Water’s leisure centre. Usually there is a healthy clamour for places, but there is one guy who more often than not replies with a short and to the point message: “It’s not for me.”

When the same reply arrived last week, it got us thinking how if more businesses took this tact when they approached their marketing activity, they would be a lot better off.

Allow us to explain. There are companies we come across that base their marketing activity on what their rivals or peers are doing. The mentality seems to be, “If X is doing it, so should we!” Other organisations get far too easily excited by the latest media platforms or tactics and instantly decide that they must incorporate them into their existing marketing programmes.

This video from Adobe Marketing Cloud sums it up perfectly. Especially in the world of digital marketing, trends come and go and it's not always worth jumping onto the latest 'big thing' after all!

In most instances, little thought is actually given to whether such tactics or activities are the right thing to help their business reach its target audience. For example, it could be that their customers aren’t responsive to a particular medium and it’s actually a waste of resources. Alternatively, the organisation might not have the necessary expertise to undertake the marketing activity properly. In our view, doing half a job is no job at all. 

It takes a strong marketer or single-minded MD to say that certain tactics aren’t right for their sort of business, especially while everyone around them is jumping on the bandwagon. But imagine what could be achieved by having more focus on the activity that does work, supported by the budget saved by forgetting the tactics that don’t.

So, before you start the day, why not sit down and review your current marketing activities and have a good, honest think about what’s not for you?

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