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James Ashe, Managing Partner

James Ashe, Managing Partner

Filming a Promotional Video for Warwick Edging

Did you know that there’s a company that makes the strip of material that runs around the edge of your desk, lounge and bedroom furniture? We didn’t until the phone rang a few weeks ago!

On the other end of the line was Warwick Edging, one of the UK’s leading independent edgebanding suppliers, who needed our help to produce a promotional video.

Warwick Edging approached us to make a video that they could exhibit at the Joinery and Furniture Manufacturing Show and also add to their website to help explain a little more about the company and what it does.

So after a sneaky Google to find out exactly what edgebanding was and a trip to the factory to see the process first-hand, we were more than happy to put our creative mettle to the test.

The big focus of the video was the in-house slitting technology that Warwick Edging had just invested in. There are only a small number of machines available in Europe, and the company is one of the only factories in the UK that can slit edgebanding to bespoke widths, rapidly reducing production times.

Business development manager James Woolley was also interviewed, providing narration to the video and explaining more about the company's services and products.

As the video was going to be shown on a busy exhibition floor, we created captions that highlighted the key facts, meaning it could be viewed without any sound if necessary. On-screen captioning is being used more and more for video content on websites and social media, but was also ideal for this situation.

Thanks to the video, Warwick Edging got their best ever response from an exhibition of this type, with 300 leads generated over the weekend. The team found that people would stop at their stand to watch it, and it was a great way to explain exactly what the slitting machine could do and the benefits it offered.

We really enjoyed working with the Warwick Edging team, and it was fascinating to get an inside look into the world of edgebanding – now we can’t stop looking for it on furniture wherever we go! You can view the video by clicking on the player below.

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