Advanced Insulation, based in Gloucester, is an award-winning manufacturer of insulation, passive fire protection, buoyancy and cable protection systems, supplying oil and gas rigs and offshore wind stations across the world. They approached us to redesign their sales collateral so it would better represent their industry-leading products.

Following the rebrand of two of their major sub-brands – ContraFlex® and ContraFlame® – Advanced Insulation were keen to refresh their marketing materials, to ensure the way they were presenting their products was as high-end as the products they produce.

With ‘evolution, not revolution’ in mind, we created a more modern look and feel that developed the company’s existing brand, ensuring greater consistency and setting the standard for any collateral moving forward.

Initially, we felt that Advanced Insulation weren’t using their brand colour palette to its full potential – most of their collateral was black, with the only hint of colour residing in the logo. We decided to remove the use of heavy black due to its negative connotations, especially surrounding fire-proofing materials, and gave each brochure a signature colour, creating more vibrant and eye-catching pages. 

Brand icons for Advanced Insulation, designed by Mighty, design agency Cheltenham

The company’s previous literature was mostly text based, which made it difficult for potential customers to take in the technical content of each brochure. We took the opportunity to create more spacious page layouts incorporating more imagery, softening what was text-heavy and often complex information. Inspired by the curves in the logo’s marque, we developed a range of circular lock-ups to give a uniformity to the design and also to house images and key details.

In addition, we introduced an infographic approach to the collateral, creating a bespoke suite of iconography to easily explain features and benefits in a quick and simple format. These icons were designed with a global audience in mind and allowed us reduce the amount of text needed. They also could be used across print and digital channels for all of Advanced Insulation’s different products.

Such was the response from the client and customers in regards to the new styling, the Mighty team was asked to look further collateral for other divisions and products.

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