Invest in Gloucestershire, a project initiated by GFirst LEP, was created with a simple yet ambitious goal in mind – to showcase the best the region has to offer to the international business community and encourage growth through inward investment. 

We were tasked with bringing the Invest in Gloucestershire proposition to life, inspiring businesses across the globe to find out more about putting down roots in the county

Making Gloucestershire global

It was clear that the Invest in Gloucestershire brand had to be wholly distinct from the GFirst LEP brand, so we got to work to develop a proposition that would stand alone, but could easily tie back to GFirst LEP as needed.  

Inspired by the six districts that make up Gloucestershire, we created a vibrant logo that showed how dynamic the county could be, with flowing lines to represent growth and movement.

These flowing lines formed the basis for our brand photography and iconography, as we incorporated them into a variety of busy industrial and scenic countryside shots to show how Invest in Gloucestershire is at the heart of business and progress in the county.

An international platform

Following the creation of the brand, we looked to develop a website for Invest in Gloucestershire that would appeal to an international audience. 

A key part of the site was a showreel that gave an overview of the organisation’s mission statement, so we added a bespoke video player to give it a proper showcase. Knowing that we faced a potential language barrier, we also crafted unique icons that made difficult concepts like ‘agri-tech’ easier to grasp. We included interactive stats to help pull out key figures and information, and added plenty of space for photography to shine. 

Although translation was ruled out at this stage, we developed a site with a bespoke CMS, so language support could be added at a later date if required, and so the site could grow with each new industry focus.

The universal language of business

Unlike other inward investment websites, which can be dense and complex, we wanted Invest in Gloucestershire to come across as confident, yet relatable. 

Similar to our approach with the GFirst LEP website, we ruled out the typical jargon and drafted copy that was friendly and engaging, while driving home all the great opportunities Gloucestershire has for business.