With over 110 years of heritage, Lister Shearing is one of the world’s leading animal shearing and clipping manufacturers. They turned to us to help them redefine their marketing efforts for the digital age.

Lister logo redesigned by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham

With the launch of several new products on the horizon – Lister’s first in several years, following an intensive period of R&D – there was a need to make sure that the brand could stand up to the new range. First, we took the Lister scroll and ironed out the imperfections in the wordmark to guarantee consistency across all our collateral and on any products where the logo is lasered on.

However, there’s more to a brand than just a logo, and Lister wanted a way to encapsulate what the brand meant to all of their customers. We looked at the different territories that Lister sold their products – from the UK to down under – and dove into publications, profiles and photoshoots to understand the lifestyle of a shearer.

What immediately became apparent to us is that a shearer’s world is all encompassing. There’s no 9 to 5, as shearing gangs are constantly on the move. Those gangs are like family, and in a shearer’s actual family, equipment gets passed down from generation to generation. It’s not just an occupation – shearing is a way of life. This became our strapline and quickly became the Lister ethos.

Animal icons designed for Lister Shearing by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham

Even in the heart of the outback, a shearer’s life is driven by digital. Shearers stay connected on their phones, so we needed to move Lister on from a plain, inflexible site to a fully responsive website – built from scratch, with a bespoke CMS tailored to their business needs – that would showcase all of their products to a more modern audience. Taking inspiration from the way that tool manufacturers categorise their vast catalogue of products, we developed an easy way for users to find products, no matter what page they’re on, and made it simple for users to filter by animal, with handy icons to show which products were suitable for each type.

We introduced a news function, so Lister could keep customers up to date with the latest product announcements, and ways of featuring tips and FAQs to help limit demand for Lister’s support staff. Product pages included large photo panels to allow new product photography to shine, and handy ways of displaying key facts about each product’s specification.

With this new brand positioning and website, Lister had a great foundation upon which to launch their new range of combs, cutters and handpieces to the international market.  

Mobile web design for Lister Shearing by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham

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