When Lister Shearing announced a range of new combs – their first in over five years – they turned to Mighty to develop standout packaging that would help them take on their rivals on the shelves of stockists in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Lister Shearing comb posters, designed by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham

Created by professionals, for professionals, Lister’s new range of combs were a flagship product. Their previous combs were shipped under the Supershear label after the company acquired the brand in 2009 – while they sold reasonably well, they didn’t carry the same reputation for quality that the Lister brand represented, and competitors were beginning to corner the market. Therefore, it was key to encourage trust amongst users, while making sure that the comb boxes would catch the eyes of shearers looking for something different.

Fierce comb packaging design by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham

With a list of names that had been selected by Lister’s ambassadors and shearers down under, we got to work. We chose imagery that would evoke the nature of each name, paired with vibrant colours that would give each individual comb its own distinctive look. We also developed a specific typeface for all comb boxes, then modified that typeface to better suit the individual essence of each comb. We also developed an ‘Elite’ categorisation tag for certain combs, making it easy for customers to distinguish between different thicknesses.

Once each concept had been signed off, we then rolled out the design across a variety of marketing collateral, developing copy and artwork for posters and social media graphics, which were then given to network of Lister’s distributors to use in store and online. Again, we tried to capture the unique character of each comb, developing headlines that spoke directly to shearers and encouraged them to try each comb.

Lister Enforcer comb design by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham
Lister Shearing website design by Mighty, branding agency Cheltenham

The rollout of the combs has been highly successful for Lister – in just six weeks after launch, the company had sold more combs than they had in the entire 12 months prior. Comments from the Lister team mentioned that the marketing had a great part in this, and had ensured that the combs stood out in a competitive market.

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