After an initial trial period across a number of key regions, the government put out a call for LEPs across the country to devise a Local Industrial Strategy – a series of proposals to increase local economic productivity. We were thrilled to be selected by GFirst LEP to design this crucial document.

So far, each Local Industrial Strategy across the country is in draft form, pending input from the business community. Some LEPs had released their strategies early as a bland, basic report, but ever the trailblazer, GFirst LEP wanted to stand out from the rest with a dynamic, easy-to-read document. They approached us to bring their draft Local Industrial Strategy to life.

We produced two documents for GFirst LEP – the draft LIS and its evidence base. Both documents were huge, with plenty of facts and figures to share, so we took the time to create documents that featured lush photography, plenty of colour and simple infographics that highlighted key items and made the strategy as a whole easier to digest.

Graph designed for Gloucestershire's Local Industrial Strategy by Mighty, design agency Cheltenham

In particular, the evidence base featured dozens of complex graphs, each featuring important data points that needed to be clear and accurate. We ensured that each graph was not only correct, but also visually impressive, and utilised bright colours and simple labelling to make each graph easier to read. 

The draft Local Industrial Strategy was released at GFirst LEP’s annual review to great applause. It drove high levels of traffic to the website, where members of the business community and beyond were able to have their say and input into the final version.

Dr Diane Savory OBE at GFirst LEP's Annual Review in 2019
Stephen Marston, vice-chancellor of the University of Gloucestershire, at GFirst LEP's Annual Review 2019