Nephos, an ambitious digital-focused accountancy firm, were in the process of launching a new arm of the business – the first dedicated cryptocurrency accountant in the UK. They needed a brand that would appeal to the tech-focused business and individuals riding the growing cryptocurrency wave.

Challenging perceptions of crypto

Launching a cryptocurrency-focused arm was a natural step for Nephos, but they wanted it to stand apart from the main brand as its own unique offering. As we developed the name and brand for Nephos and launched it to great success, founder Joe David turned to us once again to name and brand this new provision. 

  • Myna logo, developed by Mighty

While we wanted to develop a brand and name that would appeal to those tech focused people excited by the possibilities, the underlying message was around being compliant and having a trusted advisor that could ensure you stay compliant with the law. After an initial fact-finding period, we started specifically looking for terminology that was a key part of the cryptocurrency process, which would provide instant recognition to the user. 

Our creative team settled on Myna – mining is a key part of the blockchain process, and we wanted the firm to occupy that disruptive space, so we tweaked the spelling to create a contemporary, modern brand.

Nephos logo, developed by Mighty
Myna logo, developed by Mighty
  • Myna logo development process by Mighty

It also led us to think about the origins of traditional mining, and how coal miners used canaries to highlight where dangerous gasses could be found, so we developed a stylised bird marque, based on the Nephos roundel, and used a bold block font to create a logo that would look completely at home amongst crypto exchanges and platforms. 

Myna pattern on dark blue, designed by Mighty
Myna pattern on white, designed by Mighty

We also wanted to provide a complete visual language for Myna, so we then created bespoke, people-focused illustrations to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the people using it, a key facet of the Myna brand. Each design could then be broken down into smaller icons to be used across different elements.

Even though the brand is completely different to that of Nephos, it was crucial to bear the Nephos brand values in mind throughout the process, giving the team a platform that they wholeheartedly believed in.

A site of one’s own

As well as having its own brand, Myna needed a simple website to explain what it does and who it does it for. With a very short turn around required, we developed a WordPress-based site, rather than our usual bespoke CMS solution, that offered flexibility and could be expanded as the offering grew. 

Given the fast-moving nature of the crypto world, we drafted copy that was short and to the point, perfectly encapsulating Myna’s mission statement. We added a news section to allow the in-house team to post updates as and when they needed, and used our visual language to bring the site to life, including a corporate pattern that ties in all external facing elements, from the website and social media graphics to business cards and printed materials. 

  • Myna WordPress website displayed on a tablet, developed by Mighty
  • Myna Wordpress website, designed by Mighty