The Digital Advert Agency was devised to simplify the confusing world of digital marketing for B2B businesses and give those businesses the experience of working with a team who have real-world marketing expertise – rather than a team that only know how to push buttons.

A savvy brand for a savvy company

The Digital Advert Agency needed a brand that would help them stand out in a sea of competitors, while remaining simple and accessible to a wide range of businesses. We took inspiration from the core colours of social media – Facebook’s blue and Instagram’s pink – and created a clever speech bubble to encase the name of the business.

Digital advertising brought to life

As part of our branding work, we utilised a number of quirky graphics to capture the imagination of potential clients and illustrate the core concepts of The Digital Advert Agency’s service. We didn’t want to be completely reliant on social media standbys, as The Digital Advert Agency works on a range of digital products, so instead, we were inspired by the simplicity of emojis and their universal nature.

We also developed a suite of illustrations and icons to help liven up the agency's digital presence and create easily identifiable posts outside of their blogging efforts.

Several of these illustrations lent themselves to animation, so we gave them a bit of movement to really bring them to life. These animations could then be used within a variety of scenarios, including display ads and social media posts.

A new online home

We created a small, but mighty WordPress website that explained The Digital Advert Agency’s core services and the benefits of utilising a digital marketing partner. We wanted the site appeal to as many types of business as possible, great and small, but with a real focus on the B2B sphere and the data that they would demand from their digital marketing.

A core consideration for using WordPress was the blog section. The Digital Advert Agency were keen to put blogs out on a weekly basis to help their SEO, so it was vital to have a website that could be indexed quickly by Google and that allowed for consistent sharing on social media platforms. Our blog section allows The Digital Advert Agency to easily categorise posts, while utilising OpenGraph protocols to create the perfect preview on social media every time.