The Trebovir Hotel is a hub hotel in the centre of London. Based near Earl’s Court, it offers the perfect place to rest your head after a busy day seeing all that the city has to offer. While undergoing a refurbishment, the management team looking after the hotel approached us to give the hotel a more modern brand and a trustworthy website.

We began the project with an in-depth scoping workshop with the management company running the property to understand more about the customers that use the hotel. Quickly it became apparent that the hotel’s occupants were very well travelled and technologically focused. Therefore, any brand or website we developed would have to cater to these traits.

We developed a wordmark logo that drew on the location arrow found on smartphones across the globe, allowing anyone to recognise it regardless of their native language, and used a much more modern font. We also changed the name of the hotel from The Trebovir to Trebovir Hotel, making the proposition clearer to international visitors and improving SEO.

Our insight session highlighted that many of the hotel visitors are stopping at the hotel as part of a larger European holiday. As a result, we looked at utilising colours that would have been familiar as part of their wider travels and opted for a Scandi-inspired blue colour palette. The management team liked the colour palette so much they then replicated it within the hotel itself during the refurbishment.

  • Responsive web design for Trebovir Hotel by Mighty, marketing agency Worcester
Icons developed for Trebovir Hotel by Mighty, marketing agency Worcester

Due to the nature of the hotel’s guests, we needed to ensure that any website created was fully responsive, allowing guests to view it on mobile and tablet. As many guests booked their stays via OTA sites like and Trivago, it was important for the website to serve as somewhere to validate user trust, and to encourage a direct booking where possible. Therefore, we worked closely with Siteminder to develop a striking booking bar look and feel, recoding it to be integrated into the Trebovir website and ensuring its capability with the hotel’s PMS system.

The website was designed as a simple brochure website, letting customers see everything the Trebovir Hotel had to offer at a quick glance. Given the international nature of the audience, we developed a range of bespoke icons to showcase what each room included, which could easily be recognised by every guest. The addition of the Google Translate plugin served as a cost-effective way of translating the site for visitors from any country.

Interactive website panels for Trebovir Hotel by Mighty, marketing agency Worcester

With the hotel acting as a hub hotel, we also felt it important to ensure that people knew it was easy to get out and see some of London’s top attractions, so we developed location panels around the most popular tourist attractions in striking distance of the hotel that, when hovered over, displayed more information and showed key details such as how long it was to walk, grab a taxi or get the Tube to each location.

As part of our project, we also organised interior photography for all the property, showcasing the simplicity and comfortableness of the various room types. These were used for both the website and also the OTA sites, giving a consistent look and feel to the end user.

The brand and website have been well received by the team and guests alike, and bookings have risen considerably as a result, so much so that the property owner is now looking for a second property to add to their portfolio.

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