Webbs are one of the largest motorhome and caravan retailers in the country, and approached us to help them develop a fresh approach to their marketing collateral, both online and offline.

Our appointment came just as Webbs was selected as the sole supplier of La Strada, a high-end brand within the motorhome sphere internationally, and they needed a strong set of launch communications to bring the brand to the UK market. 

We developed a campaign around the tagline ‘Adventure is just a drive away’, creating an strong image of a motorhome straddling both a home drive and the rugged terrain of the open road and showcasing how the user could go from home to a big adventure in style and comfort.

The marketing team at La Strada said it was some of the best marketing collateral they’d ever seen used by a supplier of the brand, and we rolled the concept out across the Webbs website, social media channels, magazine adverts and in-branch POS.

  • La Strada concept for Webbs by Mighty, design agency Worcester
  • Swift Spirit brochure design for Webbs by Mighty, design agency Worcester
Advert design for Webbs by Mighty, design agency Worcester

We continued to work alongside Webbs, revitalising lots of the collateral they produced for market leaders such as PLA, Bailey and Swift. We also made this collateral more functional – by giving it a much clearer layout, the Webbs sales team could explain the benefits of each motorhome more easily to potential customers.

We also continued to support ongoing sales activity with creative concepts for other product lines, such as their Redline campers range, and seasonal sales such as their yearly summer sale and Christmas.

All our work was designed to encouraged Webbs to stand out the crowd. When Webbs tasked us to design an advert that would encourage people to sell their preowned vehicles to the company, they requested something akin to the adverts their rivals were using. 

We persuaded them to try a more grown-up approach, and designed a motorhome ‘moneybox’ concept, showing people the people they could unlock from motorhome investment. Within six weeks of the advert going live, Webbs had more stock than they could handle and in the end, turned away customers.

Advert design for Webbs by Mighty, design agency Worcester

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