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James Ashe, Managing Partner

James Ashe, Managing Partner

Netflix’s Body at the Bus Stop

Netflix is no stranger to a weird and wonderful marketing campaign. To promote new show Altered Carbon, the streaming service has installed a lifelike mannequin in a bus stop.

The show, which is based on the Richard K. Morgan novel, is all about transferring consciousness from body to body. So, Netflix decided to put an incredibly lifelike mannequin into the side of a bus stop in Santa Monica, appearing if it’s being incubated. If you lean in close, you can even notice it ‘breathing’ in the plastic, and it’s been creeping out local residents.

For a brand like Netflix, a stunt like this will make the headlines all over the world, despite being a one-off. That being said, we’d love to have seen more examples of this stunt across the world – Netflix definitely has the budget for it, after all.

With stunts like this, controversy is the driving factor – the installation isn’t popular with everyone, and in particular, concern was raised about the stunt being in an area where children were likely to see it. However, it certainly gets the point across, and as a result, has seen extensive media coverage.

Meanwhile, all we want to do is give it a poke and see if it moves …

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